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Brittony (Fl)

"This an awesome book that clearly illustrates the power of God. I read it in one sitting, with a box of tissues. It's definitely a favorite! I would love to read more books by this author."

Ingrid (TN)

"Saving Levi is a precious book. I couldn't put it down and had fun reading it to my kids."


"This book is fabulous. It breaks my heart for levi and all the stuggles he had to go through just to be alive today. seventy percent of his body was third degree burnd and he had no painkiller for three days! it amazes me how stong someone so young can be. and the love and compassion his adoptive family had to save someone so near death."


"This is an incredible and miraculous story of faith and love and family and calling and of God showing up in really big and awesome ways in the life of a child :)"


"wow. what an incredible book. inspiring."


"This kind of story renews my faith in human kindness, generosity, and charity."