"I put down Lisa Misraje's book Saving Levi ready to cheer for the spirit of a woman who refused to recognize international, cultural, or linguistic boundaries in her quest for justice on behalf of a severely burned little Chinese boy. Bentley adopted him as one of her own, displaying a grace and compassion one rarely finds today."
John M. Glionna,
Seoul Bureau Chief, Los Angeles Times, and award-winning journalist
"Saving Levi is an inspiring and uplifting book about how the life of one little Chinese boy was saved. Lisa Bentley tells her own story with brutal honesty, about the difficult road that she and little Levi have walked together. It is a book about the wonders and the tragedies of modern China, but most of all about the power of prayer—and persistence—and how God’s faithfulness transformed and sustained a single human life and the family who came to love him. An extraordinary tale of compassion and hope, and of God’s love at work amid the tumultuous change of modern China. "
Rob Gifford
The Economist-China Editor, London Bureau Chief for National Public Radio (1999- 2005), and best-selling author
"I would not care to know anyone with a heart cold enough to remain unmoved by this gripping story. Lisa Misraje's complete determination to save Levi is an absolute marvel that demonstrates the power of love and resolute faith."
Alan Paul
Wall Street Journal, and two-time New York Times best-selling author
"Lisa stands as a humble example of what can happen when a man or woman actually lives out the truth that God cares for orphans"
Kay Warren
best-selling author & cofounder of Saddleback church
"While visiting China, I was fortunate enough to have witnessed the extraordinary heartfelt works of Lisa's orphanage. I was completely moved the their absolute unselfishness and unwavering commitment and passion for bettering the lives of so many special-needs orphans. The visit was a highlight of our trip and touched many of our Platinum Partners. Since then we have been blessed to support their work, an exceptional organization that is impacting the lives of so many vulnerable people in China."
Tony Robbins
#1 New York Times best-selling author, philanthropist, and the nation’s #1 life and business strategist
"My family has walked the floors of the Bentley’s orphanage and held the babies... We know this great family, love them, and love Christ more because of them. I think you will as well. "
Max Lucado
New York Times best-selling author, and pastor at Oak Hills Church
"I read Saving Levi in one sitting on an airplane flight between California and New York. The book was so compelling I couldn't put it down. Lisa Misraje's gritty determination and maternal love will be inspiring to all readers. To call her story a "good: one is a vast understatement. It's nothing short of remarkable.
Hope Edelman
#1 New York Times best-selling author
"Hearing the God sized details of how Levi's life was saved and seeing God's people come together for the cause fo this little boy serves as an inspiration to us all."
Mary Beth Chapman
New York Times bestselling author, and wife of Grammy and Dove Award-winning recording artist Steven Curtis Chapman
"By reaching out and providing love and medical care to each child, Lisa is showing to the rest of the world the tremendous good that can come from exporting America’s compassion and generosity. "
Tommy Thompson
19th United States Secretary of Health and Human Services, and Governor of Wisconsin
"I first met Lisa 12 years ago while I was the Sales Manager of United Airlines in Beijing. She came to our office and told us about a young child, Levi, who had been abandoned and left in a field to die and needed emergency surgery to live. Her story was so compelling, how could we resist wanting to try to help?"
Steven Leiberman
CFO United Airlines
"Lisa's life and work in China has helped many Chinese orphans and families. Her story Saving Levi is an amazing adventure bringing together an unlikely mixture of Governments and people from around the world. We hope one day to see Saving Levi made into a full-feature film showing the difference we can make by working together"
Wang Liwei
Vice Mayor Guanxian County Shandong, founder of Charitarian Magazine (China’s leading philanthropy magazine)
"I could not have asked for a more miraculous, courageous, intimate story"
Henry Luk
Owner Ace Film Studio, movie producer
"Saving Levi will challenge your faith by recounting moment after miraculous moment where God provided above and beyond the wildest dreams. "
Aaron Shust
GMA Dove Songwriter of the Year, 2007