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Lisa is a writer, activist, and philanthropist who, for ten years, has divided her time between raising her children and working with the poor and orphaned of China. Her work in China was originally intended to be a two-month vision tour, however, she remained in Mainland China for the next nine years of her life.

Lisa's initial work was with the Philip Hayden Foundation. While there, she helped to organize and develop a small orphanage of twelve children into the largest and most successful privately owned orphanage in China. Following that endeavor, she went on to co-found another organization whose focus was on providing medical help and temporary housing for orphans while they waited to be matched with families.

Between juggling her work and six children, Lisa wrote the book Saving Levi which tells the miraculous story of her adopted son, Levi, and how a little Los Angeles girl wound up falling in love with China. The novel has made it's fifth printing and has been translated into three languages, with translations into more languages soon to come. After experiencing the success of her first novel, Lisa is looking to expand her creativity by turning the novel into a film.

Currently residing in southern California with her six wild children and her one passive dog, Lisa speaks on a regular basis raising awareness about the issues of China, poverty/hunger, orphans and burn survivors. Her current work, Saving Levi Charities, focuses on those issues; working to bring together an ambitious team of people to combat the growing crisis.

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