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Lisa Misraje is a speaker/storyteller, advocate for orphans. She is also author of the bestselling BOOK Saving Levi. The book, now in its 5th printing, has been translated into German and Indonesian; a children's version and translations into Norwegian and Chinese are currently in the works.

Lisa has SPOKEN all over China, the U.S., and Canada. The miraculous true story of Levi has been featured on the cover of the LA Times, in magazines, and on TV and radio. After experiencing the success of her first novel, Lisa is looking to expand her creativity by turning the novel into a film.

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Covered with third to fourth degree burns over 70 percent of his body, the tiny baby boy shrieked in agony in a cold village field on the outskirts of Langfang, China. Horrified, villagers gathered around him and then walked away; but one older man stayed behind, gathered the child in his arms and went for help. His compassion and courage sparked a momentous chain of events; the baby left to die would bring people from different countries, faiths, and social backgrounds together in the successful battle to save his life and secure his future.



"Lisa Misraje Bentley watches the boy in the No. 8 jersey as he careens across the soccer field and she marvels. His lower face a mask of scar tissue, his left arm gone at the elbow, the toes on his left foot missing, he zigzags along the green grass in defiance of his disabilities."

"Isn't he happy?" she says. "Look at the joy coming out of him!"

"Bentley knows the boy probably should not be alive. Five years ago, he was left for dead in a cornfield, his tiny body so ravaged by fire that the villagers who found him thought he looked more like a charred log than a 6-week-old baby."




"Lisa was able to remind all of us that we must continue to have the courage to do what is right and constantly look for the positive in the opportunities that life offers us. Most importantly she was able to remind our district leadership that the power of caring is in many instances our best and most needed resource"

Jason Moscowitz, Director
Professional Development Academy
High School Support

If you'd like Lisa to speak at your school, bookstore, library, organization, church,business or other gathering, she's definitely interested.



That Humble Us & Fill Us With Gratitude

  • JOHN M. GLIONNALos Angeles Times
    Seoul Bureau Chief

    "I put down Lisa Bentley's book Saving Levi ready to cheer for the spirit of a woman who refused to recognize international, cultural, or linguistic boundaries in her quest for justice on behalf of a severely burned little Chinese boy. Bentley adopted him as one of her own, displaying a grace and compassion one rarely finds today."
  • ROB GIFFORDThe Economist-China Editor
    Former Beijing Correspondent
    National Public Radio (1999–2005)
    Best-selling author of China Road

    "Saving Levi is an inspiring and uplifting book about how the life of one little Chinese boy was saved. Lisa Bentley tells her own story with brutal honesty, about the difficult road that she and little Levi have walked together."
  • ALAN PAULWall Street Journal
    Author Of "Big In China"
    Motion Picture In The Making

    "I would not care to know anyone with a heart cold enough to remain unmoved by this gripping story. Lisa Bentley's complete determination to save Levi is an absolute marvel that demonstrates the power of love and resolute faith."
  • TONY ROBBINSWorld Renowned Motivational Speaker
    Best-Selling Author.

    "While visiting China, I was fortunate enough to have witnessed the extraordinary heartfelt works of Lisa's Orphanage. I was completely moved by their absolute unselfishness and unwavering commitment and passion for bettering the lives of so many special-needs orphans."
  • HOPE EDELMANBest-selling Author of
    Motherless Daughters.

    "I read Saving Levi in one sitting on an airplane flight between California and New York. The book was so compelling I couldn't put it down. Lisa Bentley's gritty determination and maternal love will be inspiring to all readers. To call her story a "good" one is a vast understatement. It's nothing short of remarkable."
  • KAY WARRENBest-selling Author of
    Choose Joy.

    "Lisa stands as a humble example of what can happen when a man or woman actually lives out the truth that God cares for orphans."
  • MARY BETH CHAPMANCo-Founder, Shaohannah's Hope Foundation
    Best Selling Author
    Choosing To See

    "Hearing the God sized details of how Levi's life was saved, and seeing God's people come together for the cause of this little boy serves as an inspiration to us all."
  • STEVE LIEBERMANUnited Airlines
    "I first met Lisa 12 years ago while I was the Sales Manager of United Airlines in Beijing. She came to our office and told us about a young child, Levi, who had been abandoned and left in a field to die and needed emergency surgery to live. Her story was so compelling, how could we resist wanting to try to help?
    Lisa and those who she was serving with under very difficult conditions in China, were committed so that their faith would live in actions that were in defense of those who are most vulnerable. That their efforts have been so meaningful to young children who otherwise would have been forgotten is a tribute to the sincerity of their faith and their dedication to bringing about a truly better world. "
  • HENRY LUKOwner Ace Film Studio
    China/Movie Producer.

    "I could not have asked for a more miraculous, courageous,intimate story."
  • WANG LIWEIVice Mayor Guanxian County Shandong
    Founder of Charitarian Magazine

    "Lisa's life and work in China has helped many Chinese orphans and families. Her story "Saving Levi" is an amazing adventure bringing together and unlikely mixture of Governement's and people from around the world. We hope one day to see Saving Levi made into a full feature film showing the difference we can make working together."



"I think I held my breath the entire time I was reading this book. I couldn't put it down. It is beautifully written with glimpes into the daily life of China. To me, this book is less about one religion than the multi-faith compassion of many people that connected with Lisa Misraje-Bentley and Levi during this journey. You will find this woman an inspiration and a heroine. The next time you think of reasons why something can't be done...think about the obstacles she tackled without focusing on the possibility of failure."